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Why you should book me


Service - I will take time to listen to you & get to know what you want. I bring equipment, experience and enthusiasm to make your day the best. Booking me ensures you have someone who will put you first and will guide you every step of the way.


Speedy delivery - your photographs will be ready within 4 weeks.


Security - I can be trusted - ask the people you see on my  Facebook page or read my reviews on Google


What camera do you use?


I use a pair of Canon or Fuji cameras with special lenses that help me take great photos in dark places and allow me to be totally unobtrusive.

My cameras have 2 memory cards so that I have a back up of your precious photographs as soon as I have pressed the shutter. The safety of your memories is extremely important to me.

You need a trained professional with good equipment to get good photographs all day everyday. 


Do you carry a spare?

Of course!



Are you insured?


Of course! A guest once smashed one of my cameras at a wedding but I was able to reassure the bride that it was fine because my insurance would cover it and I had a spare camera with me.



My friend / uncle  /neighbour has a nice camera - why shouldn't I let them photograph my wedding?


At almost every wedding I photograph I hear a guest saying "I wish I had booked you". Sometimes this is because their photographer was "in their face", or spent all day doing boring groups, or whistled at them like they were dogs or just took awful photographs.

In my portfolio you will notice that  the people are relaxed, happy & having fun. I am not bossing them around or keeping them away from friends, family or their food! I have never delayed a meal at a wedding - I know how important this is when you were too nervous to eat breakfast!

My portfolio is from lots of different weddings, I have a lot of experience which together with my training and good equipment means people love their photographs 

Be honest - does your friend / uncle / neighbour have this experience and training? Ask yourself -

  • Can you be sure that you will get good photographs without having to do lots of retakes?
  • Will they take photographs of everything and everyone or just the people they know and like?
  • Will they stand on a ladder or lie in mud to get that perfect shot?
  • Will they have the confidence to persuade strangers to put down their drinks and come outside for the group shots even if it is wet /dark / snowing?
  • Will they have the right lights or a waterproof camera if it is wet /dark / snowing?
  • Will they keep those memory cards safe until you have collected your photographs?
  • Will they edit out anything you don't want in your photographs e.g. spots or fire exit signs?
  • Will they meet with you to talk about what you want and most importantly of all - will they be able to deliver what you want, whatever may happen on the day?

Here is some advice from a bride who asked a friend to take her wedding photographs.

You know that photographs are important. Do you remember looking at your grandparents wedding photos? I remember wondering how that beautiful woman and handsome man became my lovely but wrinkly Nan and Pop?

Your photographs are your investment for future generations. Please imagine for a second that you have lost all of your family photographs.........

How does that feel?

This is how important photographs are. Make your choice but please choose wisely.


So how much does a wedding package cost?


I have wedding packages starting from £995. 


How do we book? 

We start with a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your individual requirements. You let me know when is a good time and I will bring my ipad and sample albums over for you to look at while we have tea and chat about your wedding and what you would like from me. This is your chance to see if you like me as well as my work. During the wedding I may be with you for a couple of hours or all day so you need to know what I am like. If my welsh accent drives you nuts I am not the photographer for you but if you love Gavin & Stacey or Stella makes you smile then maybe I can make you smile too.


When you book I will take a fee of £250 to reserve your date and you will be offered a complementary pre-wedding photo shoot.  If you are not happy after this session you are free to cancel and will receive a full refund of your booking fee without quibble.


The pre-wedding or engagement shoot is included because it will take away any nerves about being photographed.  It is not compulsory but it will make you feel more relaxed in front of my camera. I will help you stand in a way that makes you look taller, slimmer or just more natural. We have fun with this session and it is another chance for you to make sure I am the photographer for you.


The photographs from this session can be used on your "Save the Date" cards, password cards, a unique signing frame or bespoke guest book and make great presents for your parents that will mean so much more to them than flowers.


The remaining cost of your wedding photography can be paid by installment. Full payment must be received 1 month before to the wedding. 


Do you offer a Photobooth?


Yes you can add a photobooth to your wedding package. I don't have a "booth" as such - I use a sparkly backdrop in a choice of colours and provide all of the props. The images are added to your Usb to share with all your guests. Here is a slideshow of a recent photobooth.


Trash The Dress

After your wedding why not have a "Trash the dress" photo shoot for just £75 (Click for slideshow - NB plays music). Was your wedding day over too soon? Would you like to put on your dress again and have some fun? This is your chance to get those funky wedding photos that you didn't have time for on the big day or be photographed in a different location like the couple shown here. The dress doesn't need to be trashed - if you would rather "Frolick in the Frock" or "Cherish your dress" that's fine too. Please call to discuss your ideas - anything goes!


My own wedding day was amazing.  Like all wedding days there were glitches and hitches but the only thing that spoiled my day was my wedding photographer.  I learned a lot from that bad apple and I never want my clients to experience the disappointment I felt.  I will listen to you, follow your wishes and try to exceed your expectations.  I vow to do everything I possibly can to make your day memorable for the right reasons.

For further information and a no obligation quote please contact me.